Decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery from the M-WRG range


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Decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery from the M-WRG range

Category: Construction and living

Validity of the seal: valid

Field of application:

Respiratory allergy, Pet hair allergy, Pollen allergy, Dust mite allergy

Applications: apartments, single-family homes, medical centres, offices, hotels, day-care centres, schools, halls of residence, retirement homes, etc.

The decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery reliably creates a healthier living environment, can supply pollen-free fresh air and removes excess humidity from the room. This deprives mould fungi of the basic conditions for survival and effectively eliminates mould spores from the room air. Mould growth is thus prevented on interior wall surfaces. Indoor air pollutants such as excess CO2 concentrations or the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that off-gas from many building materials, fitments, adhesives, paints and varnishes as solvents or in the form of formaldehyde are reliably removed by the continuous or on-demand air exchange. House dust or allergens such as dust mites, flower pollen or animal hair are filtered almost entirely out of the room air.

An optional air filter in the supply air duct can also effectively filter out respirable dust or odours and gases such as propellants, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone from road, rail and air traffic.

Ventilation without external noise? The M-WRG is a sound-absorbing ventilation unit with heat recovery. It can be used for many different applications.

How does the ventilation unit with heat recovery work? Used room air is extracted by a fan while a second fan in the unit simultaneously supplies fresh air. In the unit’s heat exchanger, the heat of the extract air is transferred to the incoming fresh air which means that the outdoor air that reaches the room is preheated. The separate air duct system and airtight heat exchanger prevent the extract air and supply air mixing. The ventilation unit is equipped with pollen filters (filter class G4) on the supply air and extract air sides as standard. There is also an optional allergy filter (class F7) available for the supply air. This filters out respirable dust and the majority of bacteria. An activated charcoal filter (class M6) can also be fitted as an option for the supply air. This effectively retains odours from the outdoor air, along with the harmful gases listed above. The air filters need to be changed once or twice a year. This can be done in next to no time by the home owner. No tools are needed.

The decentralised ventilation unit can be used in a single room or multiple units can be installed to provide complete ventilation for a house or apartment. No pipe system is needed as it is a wall-mounted unit. It is easy to install in both new builds and retrofits.